Overhaul of shock absorbers

- Overhaul boge shock absorbers (rear and front)


The German Vespas GS/3, T2, T3 and the Augsburg model T4 have been equipped with Boge shock absorbers.
These dampers visually differ significantly from the dampers used in Italian Vespas.

I offer you to overhaul both the rear and front dampers. The damper oil leakes due to defective rod seal and leaves the damper functionless. Sometimes the replacement of the rod seal and replaced guide sleeves and broken piston rings are necessary. On request, also the silentblocks can be exchanged (although you can do that easily by yourself).

Price: 98€ (plus material)

- overhaul widebodie shock absorbers (rear and front)


Often the rear shocks of the models with separate spring are broken. But these can also be repaired. This is senseful, if you look at the price you have to pay for the expensive repros in the shops.

I also offer you the overhaul of your shocks for the following models:

Vespa 125 V1-15T / V30-33T / VM / VN1T (up to FgstNr.6000) but also Hoffmann A / B / C (Boge) and ACMA (Bj.50-52). Concerning Hoffmann I have to look in each individual case, if I can rebuild the damper.

- The front dampers on widebodies (with fenderlight) and GS150 (Vs1-4) can also be overhauled.

- Overhaul damper GS160 / GS4 (front) is possible, too. Matching gaskets for all 3 construction variants are on stock.

- Overhaul shock Lambretta J125 Starstream (rear)

Possible now too! For all who value originality and do not want to use a Repro shock.

- Overhauling Vjatka shock absorbers (rear)

While removal broken threads of the piston rod can be repaired.

For particularly valuable shock absorbers, the overhaul of the rear shocks with pressed sleeve can also be worthwhile. Usually then the interior needs to be rebuilt. Nearly everything is possible.

The conical silentblocks can also be exchanged if necessary.

Defective threads on the dust cap or the new production of the dust cap are also possible.