- Pinasco 4-stud wideframe engine:

We had the opportunity to build the prototype engine of the new Pinasco 4 stud carter for Wideframe. It comes with a reedvalve inlet, so that theres no longer need to keep the carburetor inside the frame:

The motor is equipped with a widened 60mm crankshaft. This gives the motor an extreme smoothness and together with the membrane a pleasant splashy speed. Almost 21hp on the test bench we find quite neat for the beginning:

Here is a video from the test bench:

- M1XL Stage5 tuning:

During the winter, we have built up the new competitive engine for 2020 and are very pleased with the performance data and especially the driving characteristics on the road. The engine is equipped with a 61mm king shaft, which has been specially adapted to the weight of the Quattrini piston with the help of tungsten weights. The result is an extreme smoothness and speed of the engine. The adjustment of the control times of the cylinder has once again brought a significant increase in performance. Here is the result of our work on the test bench:



- The Powerbrake brake drum (8 ") for the rear is finally available:


We have tested the drum under extreme conditions for half a year and are convinced of its performance and durability. A "must" for all vehicles with tuned engines but also as a replacement for worn original parts. Unlike other drums available on the market, the Pinasco brake drum can be driven with standard pads.

We have tested various rubbers and deliver you the drum with the appropriate rubbers for the kit price of 126,90 €

- Customshow Meltdown 2019 at Kalkar

The custom show was not only well attended, but also the number of exhibitors is growing steadily. In addition to the "big players" of the scene, a variety of smaller manufacturers, suppliers and groups with a bunch of different interests in the subject of scooters showed up.

As Pinasco Competence Center, we also looked after the Pinasco stand this year and presented the latest product developments and prototypes in the wideframe area. The interest was so great that we did not have time to look at all the stands of the competitors. Of course we will be back next year.

- Major Power Award 2019

This year again we received the Major Power Award for most powerful Vespa in the vintage class up to 1957 (wideframe engines). With 21,5hp/25Nm we are very happy to show our newest tuning concept, based on a wideframe carter, Kingwelle longstroke crank and a M1XL topend.

 - Prior notice: Meltdown 2019 at Kalkar

This year again we will be showing at the weekender in Kalkar (Customshow). This year, we will also make the Pinascostand. We will present you the latest Pinasco products for ​​our beloved Wideframes.

Our cooperation partner Kingwelle, will present his latest crankshaft developments next door.

If you want, you can experience the Sacchi-Targatwin live on our stand. Tim Boardman will be showing the new reedvalve twin-cylinder on our stand along with other beautiful parts, such as the Hydra hydraulic brake.

We look forward to a stimulating exchange with you!

- Test bench run with the new 8 "tuning concept:

We are pleased that the new 8 "tuning concept on the test bench reflects exactly what we expected: 21PS at 24Nm runs relaxed on the road and sufficiently powerful.

Here is a first video impression: youtu.be/qBPgqFn94O

- Pentecostal special of our popular permanent burner cylinder head "il Naso ":

The cylinder head specially developed by us can be plug & play installed on your wideframes (V1-15, V30-33, 125U, Acma-1953, Hoffmann, Douglas Rod). 
Easy starter and suitability for everyday use and significantly improvement of power.
Only the original is really good! Support the Inventor!!

Pentecost for active screwdrivers: 239€

- Pinasco's new carburetor kit

The new carburetor kit has been specially developed for the Pinasco Nordkapp topend  and has been extensively tested and found to be good. The carburetor fits on Pinasco's 24mm inlet manifold, but also on the other commercially available versions. The seesaw, specially developed for the tight space inside frame allows the complete use of the carburetor gas range. The air filter has been specially designed for the narrow space in front of the carburetor flap and fits perfectly. Compared to the carburetor solutions available, this kit is characterized by easy useability. Check it out for yourself!

KitPrice including intake trim:    239€
KitPrice without intake trim: 189€ 

-- Exhaust test Pinasco reedvalve barrel Nordkapp

We tested various exhaust systems on the reedvalve prototype and were able to increase the power and torque significantly.

Now 16hp and 20Nm are on and the power delivery is really very pleasant. Check out this speed band:

-Mayor Power Award: 

With 22.5hp we have won the Vespa vintage class in Kalkar this year. We were very pleased about this together with our crankshaft manufacturer Kingwelle:


-Meltdown 2018 in Kalkar: 

Last weekend we had the opportunity to participate together with the crankshaft manufacturer Kingwelle and Pinasco as exhibitors at the Customshow in Kalkar (Meltdown). Clearly to see again the increasing interest in the "old " Vespas before 1957. Their owners want to make their vehicles suitable for everyday use in today's road traffic. Nagy-blechroller continues to stand for high-quality wideframe tuning and durability.

Here are some impressions from the event:

- The new nagy-blechroller flyer:

Thanks for the design, Marcus Broix:

- Special wideframe race on occasion of the DBM in Jülich-Boslar (1.9.18):

We hope you don't miss this spectacle. In the meantime we have 10 mentions of Wideframestrers, who want to get a taste of the race feeling with their tuned and untuned pipe stewards and compete against each other on the Quartermile.

If you are interested in participating, contact me or contact the organizer directly. We would be very happy to meet you there.

- Meltdown 2018 in Kalkar

Again, nagy-blechroller at the Weekender in Kalkar. This year, together with Pinasco and the crankshaft manufacturer Kingwelle, we will be participating at the Meltdown 2018 as exhibitors and will have many conversations with colleagues and visitors. The interest in high-quality wide-frame tuning is confirmed by the ever-increasing number of exhibitors from the wideframe scene.


- Pinasco reedvalve barrel for Wideframe in test

After the Eicma, we had the opportunity to test the prototype of the new Pinasco membrane cylinder for our wideframes. After some modifications and conversions, we were able to bring the first protoypes to the road.


The cylinder is characterized by the significantly improved torque in all speed ranges. The increase in performance is significant and the final speed has increased by a staggering 10 km/h.

The test bed has confirmed this feeling. 14.5 hp and 17.2Nm:


- GS150/M1XL Conversion

We are happy to introduce you to this successful engine concept. The adaptation of a Quattrini membrane cylinder to the engine casing of a GS150 as a longstroke design has been on the agenda for some time. Now we can finally offer you another stage of expansion for tuning your GS150 engines:

For more information, please check GS150-tuning (Stage 4) under the section "Services ."

- Eicma 2017

This year, Pinasco presented itself again at the international two-wheeler fair Eicma in Milan.

The Pinasco Competence Centers were back and tackled vigorously, even we as CC wideframes did not let us take it away from presenting the new developments in the Wideframe sector. Look forward to it! We will keep you up to date with our tests.

Here are a few impressions from the events:


- Available now: nagy-blechroller t-shirts:

The demand for our t-shirts is high, so we have added them firmly to the program. The T-shirts are in stock in all sizes. Take a look at the different motifs in the "Merchandizing " section.

- Pinasco longstroke engines in the endurance test in Corsica:

Our Pinasco engines have currently been able to demonstrate durability and performance on an approximately 1,000km of exploration tour over Corsica. The extreme slopes and bad roads already challenged the equipment. Our longstroke engine was absolutely equal to the 200cc PX engines and was superior in low reels. The durability of the tyres and the exhaust systems was more likely to be put to the test. The prototype, developed by nagy-blechroller especially for longstroke engines, was not quite up to the poor road conditions.

Some impressions from the tour:

- Quattrini M1XL with longstroke Kingwelle crank on GS150 block:

And he's alive! Stunning!! The world's first M1XL with 60mm longstroke Kingwelle crank on GS150 case! Here is a first sound impression:


The new scooter is being build up at the moment. Bank test will follow.

- !! Available now!! Our brake tuning kit:

To ensure that your engine tuning does not become a safety hazard, we offer you this tuning kit for your braking system (8 inches) consisting of the following components:

For models from 1954 (spring with plate attachment):

1.    Brake drum Pinasco (front)


2.    Reinforced spring for the front fork

3.    Reinforced damper (front)

We have extensively tested various components and found the best combination with the components offered here.

The kit is now available at the introductory price of €198.

For models up to 1954 (with screw spring):

1.    Brake drum Pinasco (front)


2.    Reinforced spring for the front fork

3.    Reinforced damper (front)

We have extensively tested various components and found the best coordination with the components offered here.

The kit is now available at the introductory price of €225.

- Note on own behalf:

Due to many requests, we have revised our offer and put in price information.
Our range of services now also contains more precise information on the individual service packages, including prices.
Just look around our site.

- Meltdown 2017 in Kalkar: 

This year, together with the crankshaft manufacturer Kingwelle, we participated in the 2017 Meltdown and had interesting discussions with the participants and visitors. Interest in high-quality wide-frame tuning has continued to grow. Here are a few impressions:



Our Pinasco longstroke engine has made the first place for the most powerful wideframe engine:

-nagy-blechroller at the Audax del Friuli in September 2016:

Gianfranco Montaldi!! 84 years and still young in mind ...

Thank you for getting to know you!

- nagy-blechroller feature about the new Pinascocylinder for Farobasso and other Wideframe Vespas:



- nagy-blechroller feature about the Hoffmann Ufficiale by scooterlab.uk:


On '>youtube

www.youtube.com/embed/OZTjqzW5_1Q" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

'>'>https://www.youtube.com/embed/OZTjqzW5_1Q" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

- Nagy-blechroller tuning GS engine at its best:

Benny achieved a considerable result with case, barrel, head and exhaust I prepared for his longstroke Kingwelle crank. 14hp at 16Nm. Great!

- nagy-blechroller at the custom-show in Kalkar:


Together with the crankshaft manufacturer Kingwelle, we participated as exhibitors in the Meltdown 2016 and were able to have interesting discussions with the participants and visitors. Interest in high-quality replacement and tuning parts for Wideframe has increased significantly.

- Best-Vespa:


The Hoffmann Ufficiale received the award "Best Vespa" at the Customshow. We were very pleased about this and the multiple encouragement we have received.


- Customshow in Innsbruck:

The event took place for the second time and was well organized. We were together with the Pinasco team and had a great time with our friends. Here are some pictures of the Pinascostand:


There was really a lot of interest in the new alloy cylinder for Wideframe:


- Mostra Scambio in Genk:

The event organized by Mario Zambonini and his team from the VC Genk in the former compressor hall of the C-mine in Genk was really great. The colourful mix of private dealers and professional spare parts suppliers was accompanied by a variety of rare original and restored classic Vespas. We had a lot of conversations with interested Vespatuners from Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. The proportion of visitors from Germany was also astonishingly high. Next time we'll be back.


-nagy-blechroller together with Pinasco as exhibitor at the SCK's customer-show in Cologne:

The idea that nagy-blechroller, together with Pinasco in Cologne, represents the continuing increase in interest in high-quality spare parts and tuning products was a complete success. The demand was high and we were able to have a lot of good conversations. Here are some impressions of the well-organized and attended event:

The Hoffmann Ufficiale was not to be missing any more than ...

... like the test scooter for the new Pinasco aluminium cylinder, which we are currently finalizing together with the development department of Pinasco:


Thanks to Manfred Tillmann from Kerreshinio for the great display: