O-tuning means using existing components. We modify your original gearboxes and timing/ ports of topend. Its possible to increase original power significantly. There are 2 alternatives:

* 125cc engines with 54mm stroke (VM, VN, Acma, etc.):

Changes of boring and timing including drilling / honing and surface work, carburetor conversion. A special box exhaust is included.

* 150cc engines with 57mm stroke (VL, VB etc.):

Modifications of timing including honing and plan work, carburetor conversion, change of gearbox and clutch. A special box exhaust is included.

The Diagramm shows a modified 125cc Acma engine with 54 stroke, which has left the factory with 4 hp in 1954:

8.6 hp with 9 Nm at the rear wheel with a slightly extended gear ratio is the standard we realize with this tuning measurements. Speeds of 90 km/h is achievable. The engines that I have built are still in use since several years. Some of them were used on the "mille-kilometri vespistico", an exhausting 24h-endurance race in Italy.

Price: 600€-950€, depending on the desired scope of services.

Tuning with 150cc-Cylinder:

This low-priced Indian cylinder cast iron kit is based on the topend of Piaggios threewheeler called Ape. It comes together with piston and is for mechanics that know how to modify portings and outlet timings:

The cast iron cylinder has 3 overflows and can be brought to 7-10 HP with matching bottom gasket and a tuning cylinder head as well as adjustments of transferports and outlet. Only for experienced and advanced Tuners!

Price: 99€ (not in stock atm.)


This tuning is the most asked after on the market and uses the nicasil-coated alloycylinder developed by Pinasco in cooperation with nagy-blechroller : 

This cylinder kit is currently the best available on the market and is characterized by its reliability and stability in all driving situations. Even on long mountain trips, the cylinder does not overheat and there are no power losses. This advantage clearly sets this cylinder apart from the other alternatives available on the market.

In order to be able to call up the high performance also permanently, we use only high-quality crankshafts made by Pinasco and Kingwelle. We do not use other alternatives available on the market, because we have gained best results with the named producers. The conversion of the primary drive and the adaptation of a special carburetor kit are also required in order to achieve the desired results with the exhaust systems we tested on the test bench and adapted accordingly.

We offer the following 3 stages of development:

Pinasco V1:

  • Pinasco topend (standard)
  • Pinasco racing crankshaft (57 Hub)

With this kit, the engine (out-of-the-box) achieves nearly 10Hp at 12.5Nm.

Price: 847,01€

Pinasco V2:

  • Pinasco topend (elaborated)
  • Racing crankshaft by Kingwelle (60 Hub) with outside changeable seals
  • Foot gasket

With this kit the engine achieves 12,5Hp at 15,1Nm.

Price: 1.437,67€

Pinasco V3:

  • Pinasco topend (processed)
  • Racing crankshaft by Kingwelle (61 Hub) with outside changeable seals
  • Foot gasket
  • Head gasket

With this kit the engine achieves 14.1Hp at 15.8Nm.

Price: 1.521,22€

The performance curves of the 3 performance versions built by us:

Pinasco V4:

  • Pinasco topend reedvalve inlet (elaborated)
  • Race shaft by Kingwelle (61 stroke) with outside changeable seals 
  • Foot gasket
  • Head gasket

With this kit, the engine performs 16Hp at 20.4Nm.

Price: 1.642,10€

Here are the performance data:

The torque curve is impressive. At 4000 rpm already 16Nm are delivered! With that motorkit you always be first when riding in the mountains.

We have been testing these cylinderkits since several years and for more than 15,000 km and are enthusiastic about the power these topend brings you especially at low revs. The modern cylinder layout and the quality of the materials is convincing. This topend has even more potential, thats for sure!

Upon request, we can supply you with the appropriate gear ratio and other useful tuning components (clutch, electronic ignition, special tuning exhaust). We are happy to build you this Pinasco engine using the desired level of refinement with the right gear ratio and the matching parts. For an offer, we only need to know your engine type and the desired performance level.
This could be the engine that we deliver to you: