Overhaul of components

- Kickstart bell


You know the problem! When overhauling the engine, sometimes the kickstart bell has too much play and the engine will soon loose its gearoil. Pitty about the costable engine rebuild!

Only renewing O-ring inside the carter does not help, because the kickstart bell is also worn out and sometimes has considerable play.

So I offer you to overhaul your kickstart bell and make a custom oversize bushring to replace the old one in your carter.

Price: 101€

- Overhaul gear selector


The gear selector often is worn out. As a result, the shift pin doesn't work accurate anymore and in extreme cases, the shift arm jumps over and damages transmission.

You can indeed buy a repro gear selector, but this is more expensive than overhauling the Original and sometimes the repro does not fit well. Oftenly you cannot use the 4th gear without modifying the selector-

I renew the baseplate and after that, the gear selector is fully functional again.

Price: 54€

- Repair drive shafts

Heavily run-in drive shaft of widebody engines must be repaired. The surface is hardened and must be turned over and an oversize bearing bush must be made.

Price: 85€

- Renew bearing seats


Do you have a non performing engines, inexplicable engine vibrations and reduced power? If you have tried everything and engine does not want to run properly, it may also be due to worn out bearing seats. Unfortunately, this often happens with plain bearing crankshafts on wideframe engines. This must be reworked before rebuild of the engine.
We can professionally repair your bearing seats if necessary.

Price: 399€

- conversion to electronic ignition


For fifteen years I was an advocate of contact ignition and spent a lot of time rewinding ignition coils, overhauling original ignition contacts and renewing the ignition base wiring. And yet most failures have been due to ignition system failures. If you wanna drive long tours without problems, you cannot avoid to change to electronic ignition. Especially because the variable ignition timing also increases performance and the 12V light helps a lot. I install the system and adjust your electrical system accordingly. You have to look very carefully to see the difference from the outside.

Price: 435€