Overhaul of engines


I work on the overhaul of engines from 1948 to 1958 since more than 20 years. All assemblies are inspected after disassembly and repaired in consultation with the customer.

However, I expect that the engine case will arrive cleaned here. Clean your engines by yourself!

I inspect the engine without compromise. That means that i do not use wornout crankshafts and topends or use cheap reproparts, which are not durable after my experience. Well-preserved original parts are however carefully handled and reused, if possible. This is my philosophy because I do not like to open a motor a second time just because of the poor quality parts used. An engine overhaul must not fail due to the cost of good replacement parts!

Name your engine type and ask for a quote.

The repair is photographically documented and you receive time in time fotos via Whats App or FB Messenger of the current status.