The systems offered here are not approved for road traffic and may only be used on the race track!


Now available with nagy-blechroller! We offer you this p & p usable tuning system: 

This low-priced all-round system corresponds in its characteristics of the performance of a Sip Road and is not objectionable tonally. It is suitable for all tuning variants with 54 and 57 stroke.

Price: 189€


However, if you want to stand out from the crowd, I recommend this system, which we distribute exclusively in Germany:

The bell-shaped sound convinced as well as the really first-class workmanship and accuracy of fit, made of pressed molded parts plant. In terms of performance, the exhaust easily keeps up with the SipRoad and is for me the first choice for the tuning concepts with 54 and 57 stroke.

Due to the fact that they are individually handmade and built to order, the price is also higher. Everyone has to decide for themselves.

Price: 349€



The original exhaust system is indeed nicely fitted in the swingarm, but unfortunately it does not bring much in terms of performance. We adapt available tuning systems to your engines so that they can be mounted easily and still not visually noticeable. An assembly instruction is included. The power and torque gain is amazing:


There are 2 different layouts, one for standard lift (57) and one for long lift (60). We selected both systems after an extensive test bench test because they fit our tuning concepts for GS150.

Price: 289€

Now we can finally offer you a really good tuning system in original look, which you can get in Germany exclusively with nagy-blechroller:

This Tuningauspuff for GS150 is intended for light to medium tuned engines up to 12 hp. Not suitable for long-stroke tuning!

The system impresses with a bell-like sound and is crafted high quality. It reminds of the sound of the Sei Giorni exhaust system. The plants are handmade and are welded from molded parts. No conical manifold elements as with the cheap systems.

Price: 349€.